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Prior to being scheduled, all clients are sent electronic registration & intake forms.


Once submitted, we are able to find you the next available opening. This also helps you so that if we have something come up sooner, we are able to easily reach out and possibly get you in off our wait list. 


The fastest way to "get going" is to use the communication portal link found at the bottom of each webpage. As we are in patient care, we do not regularly return phone calls, and all calls that are done are scheduled so that we can be sure all parties are available as planned if needed. 

The Communication Portal allows you to:

  • to have secure messaging with your provider

  • to ask questions about working with us (see our FAQs link above too!)

  • to access electronic registration & intake forms--these make it faster for you to be seen

  • to have accurate contact information as voice mails are often difficult in that regard

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