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Blocked Milk Ducts

Did you know that blocked milk ducts can be treated with thermal ultrasound by a clinician? There is an evidenced based protocol for this that is highly successful and often can resolve in just one visit. Please do bring a breast pump or your baby along as nursing/pumping will be a part of the process. If you already have symptoms of mastitis—fever, redness, we will not treat it is contra-indicated. This service can be completed both in-home and a superbill can also be provided for rehabilitation services (occupational/physical therapy coverage details); it will not be billed out as a lactation consultant.

Please see the Appointments page for booking; if nothing is available please send an email to with 'URGENT: Blocked Ducts' in the subject line, or contact via telephone.

Please arrive to the appointment knowing that you will need to either feed your baby/babies, or use a pump in between applications of therapeutic ultrasound.

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